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Monday, May 30, 2016

Today Is Rainy Day | Protect Yourself and Your Children From Malaria

Symptoms of Malaria:- 

1.    Feeling faint when you stand up or sit up quickly

2.   Fatigue

3.   Muscle aches

4.   Headache

5.   Nausea, vomiting

6.   Abdominal discomfort

7.   Profuse sweating when the fever suddenly drops

8.    High fever (up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit) with shaking chills

9.   Yellow discoloration of the skin

10.   Severe Anemia, resulting from the destruction of infected red blood cells and decrease in the production of new red blood cells

11. Pulmonary Enema, which is a dangerous accumulation of fluid inside the lungs that interferes with breathing

12.   Low blood sugar

13.   Brain tissue injury, which can cause extreme sleepiness, delirium, unconsciousness, convulsions and coma

14.   Kidney failure

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